First of the season asparagus is here,£2 a bunch & only from Rogate!

super food Turmeric!

Have you tried fresh turmeric? It has a unique flavour ,quite earthy. You can use it raw in slaws for extra flavour,cook with it especially in Indian reciepes or make a tea. It can heal wounds,treat skin conditions such as psoriasis,its anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal ,anti-bacterial & research is showing it to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. … Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day

It’s St Pats on Sunday,be sure to celebrate……….

St David’s day

Friday is St David’s day ,why don’t you try some Cawl Cawl is frequently prepared and consumed on St. David’s Day. Cawl should be started the day before so that any fat can be skimmed off and all the flavours amalgamate. 2-3 lb. Welsh lamb best end of neck cutlets 1 large sliced onion 3 … Continue reading

Horse free!

So its still cold,brrrrr!& we are horsemeat free ,so come & buy your lovely fruit & veg, purple sprouting, spring greens ,rhubarb & blood oranges to name a few  


First of the season now in…… £4.69 kg (just to let you know ,Asda are £7.50kg)

Old favourites returning….

Sssshhh!!!! Guess what should be returning at the end of the week………… Mud pies!Be quick or you might miss them.  

Try something new…..

kohlrabi is new in today ,can be cooked most ways , or eaten raw.Very goodwith spicey foods.

Price comparison for those of us watching the pennies!

Checked over the weekend (Asda came out cheapest supermarket): Cox apples =Asda £2.00 kg ,Happy Cow Blackmoors £1.75 kg Curly Kale=Asda £4.70 kg ,Happy Cow £1.95 Pears=Asda £2.25 ,Happy Cow Blackmoor conference £1.38 Purple broccoli=Asda £6.00 ,Happy Cow £3.00 Clementines=Asda £2.30 ,Happy Cow £2.20 So come on in  take a look!

Happy New Year!

New Year ,new you? Why not kick start the year & banish all those germs, come get lots of fresh fruit & veg. Seville oranges now in stock for making marmalade.